Industrial water treatment

Continuation course in advanced water purification

Ozone is currently used in many applications where there are needs for a highly efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning technique even for substances that are the most difficult to decompose. By utilizing ozone, oxidation and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes), contaminants, toxins and other substances can be effectively reduced or eliminated. Examples of this are pharmaceutical residues, microplastics, alcohols and aldehydes. Come and participate in a seminar and learn more about advanced purification techniques. The seminar covers the basics of these purification methods, application, combinations of techniques, and practical case studies.

  • Information :

  • When : 2019-05-14 09:00 CET
  • Category : Water treatment
  • Level : Continuation
  • Language : Swedish
  • City : Hägersten
  • Country : Sweden
  • Platform : Seminar
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