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Introductional course in kitchen exhaust air

Remove grease in the exhaust air and recover heat worth tens of thousands of SEK

More and more commercial kitchens, restaurants and property owners recover valuable heat from kitchen exhaust air.

To achieve efficient heat recovery, the grease in the exhaust air must be continuously removed. If the grease remains, even in small quantities, the heat exchanger gets problems and the heat recovery is considerably less efficient.

Continuous and efficient purification of the exhaust air also reduce the risk of fire as no flammable grease layer is built up in the exhaust duct over time. In addition, any odor problems are minimized, and in new installations, one can choose cheaper duct material (class 2B). Last but not least, the need for manual cleaning largely disappears.  The channels in a kitchen that fries a lot is today recommended to be clean at least once a month.

What is the most reliable and economically advantageous way of removing the grease from the exhaust air day after day, year after year with the same good results every day?

Come to an educational seminar, and you will get the answers. Here we share 25 years of knowledge and experience of purification of kitchen exhaust air and show you different methods and what works best.

  • Information :

  • When : 2019-10-08 12:00 CET
  • Category : Kitchen exhaust
  • Level : Introductional
  • Language : Swedish
  • Address : Hotell Östersund,Kyrkgatan 70
  • City : Östersund
  • Country : Sweden
  • Platform : Seminar
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