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A collection of kitchen exhaust downloads

Here you will find all our kitchen exhaust brochures. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

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Kitchen Exhaust Guide Part 1

This is a basic introduction to why the kitchen duct air should be treated: making energy recovery possible, reducing odors, minimizing duct cleaning costs and close to eliminating the risk of fire.

Kitchen Exhaust Guide Part 2

The Part 2 explains differences between high- and low performance air treatment solutions. The guide also illustrates installation principles and lists 20 key factors to consider to ensure a successful installation.

The RENA system solution for air treatment in commercial kitchens

Read this brochure when you have decided to take a closer look at ozone air treatment in commercial kitchens. It presents the system parts, sizing guidelines and specifications.

High-performance or low-performance ozone systems?

Oxygen-fed or air-fed ozone generator? What’s the differences, and do they matter? (The EU thinks it matters and have acted accordingly).

The new EU standard – a step closer sustainable commercial kitchens

The EN 16282 standard for commercial kitchen ventilation was released in autumn 2017. This leaflet comments on the new regulations for the major duct air treatment methods. Before choosing treatment method, take a minute to read this.

The grease must be removed

Do you want to maximize the energy recovery from your commercial kitchen? The trick is to continuously remove the fat from the duct air before it reaches the heat exchanger. This is the how-to-guide.

Innovative modular system for effective odor removal

Nodora is our latest air treatment innovation with a highly modularized design for all types of odor problems. Nodora complements our RENA family with high grade air polishing for a wide range of air flows and loads.

Kitchen exhaust treatment in shopping centers

Many shopping centers have chosen to install our systems and one much appreciated benefit is that multiple restaurants can be served by one RENA ozone system.