Topaz series

About Ozonetech

Ozonetech is a world recognized innovative brand that provides a complete range of state-of-the-art ozone and oxidation products, solutions and systems for treating air and water in various industrial and public utility applications.

Topaz series

Specifically designed for reliability, energy efficiency, and ease-of-use, there are thousands of Topaz PSA Oxygen Generators currently in use throughout the world.

The ability of the Topaz to deliver up to 95.5% oxygen concentration make it a great fit for a wide range of commercial applications. These generators require no special installation. Simply connect the oxygen outlet to your application or oxygen distribution system and the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet. Turn the unit on and set your oxygen flow rate.



Typical applications


  • Jewelry/Brazing/Soldering
  • Glass Work/Blowing
  • Thermal/Chemical Oxidation


  • Ozone (Generator) Feed Gas
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste/Water Treatment


  • Fish farming

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