Ozone technology

The most comprehensive ozone solutions on the market

Ozone technology is a versatile oxidation method, which can safely be applied to solve numerous problems related to severe and growing environmental problems. Mellifiq possesses long experience in the field of advanced oxidation and integration of ozone in green-field projects and retrofit plants with ozone technology as core technology. Through our internationally recognized Ozonetech products and systems, Mellifiq stands well equipped to handle all types of ozonation systems for a variety of industries and applications.

RENA Solution

Containerized ozone solution with UV-ozone AOP process.

Effective oxidation in compact systems

Ozone is commonly used for disinfection in production facilities with high standards for sanitation, air exhaust streams, micropollutant treatment and stable compounds. We offer complete ozone systems, with complete integration and automation, covering:

  • High performance oxygen fed ozone generators with patented cooling technology
  • Complete range of sensors for air and dissolved oxygen
  • Advanced automation and controls
  • Integrated oxygen supply and compressed air
  • Dissolution systems with injectors and pumps
  • Catalytic destructors
RENA Tellus system

Tailored large scale ozone system from the Ozonetech product line.