Energy drink facility solved sanitation and flavor problems

Flavor contamination and disinfection in one go

As a soft drink producer of various drinks, avoiding cross-flavor contamination between different batches is essential. The Bibita Group is a well-known beverage company in southern Europe, that produces various kinds of soft drinks, with a distribution network in more than 40 countries.

To secure premium quality for all their products without cross flavor- contamination, they chose to replace their existing chemical biocide in their CIP-process with ozone treatment. The installation of the RENA Vivo A-series system resulted in improved effectiveness of the CIP process as well as reduced CIP cycle time.


  • Name:

    Bibita Group

  • Location:


  • Challenge:

    Reduce residual flavor compounds and avoid chemical use

  • Market:

    Beverage production

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    Engineering consultancy, Ozonetech RENA Vivo A-series turn-key ozone system and commissioning

  • Performance:

    More than 50% flavor residue removal and chemical free disinfection

  • Capacity:

    15 m3/h

  • Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm):