Full scale micropollutant removal at Tierp’s wastewater treatment plant

Full scale micropollutant removal plant

Mellifiq builds the world’s northernmost full scale micropollutant removal plant

As one of the most prestigious projects in the water industry in Sweden, featured in prominent water magazine Cirkulation, Mellifiq was signed as the general contractor to ensure complete removal of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The project was executed at record pace, allowing for idea to commissioning in less than 15 months. Mellifiq is extremely proud to have designed and delivered the complete tertiary treatment process at the plant, while also acting the technical consultant on the project. The system comprises custom designed Ozonetech turn-key ozone systems, multimedia filter systems and activated carbon polishing.

The plant boasts 100% micropollutant removal, COD, TOC and BOD levels below detection limits and disinfection prior to final effluent into the nearby sensitive natural environment.

We want to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, and we are extremely happy to have been able to bring this project home

– Says TEMAB CEO Thomas Ulväng to Swedish national television.