Ingka Centres treats exhaust air from food courts with Mellifiq ozone systems

Sustainable and efficient ozone oxidation solution to treat exhaust air from multiple restaurants

Ingka Centres is part of the Ikea Group and one of the largest shopping center owners in the world, operating 45 shopping centers in 15 countries. Two of these are Birsta City in Sundsvall, the first center to open, in 1967, and Erikslund Shopping Center in Västerås. 


  • Name:

    Ingka Centres

  • Location:

    Västerås and Sundsvall, Sweden

  • Industry:

    Kitchen Exhaust

  • Challenge:

    Removing grease from exhaust air

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions

  • Performance:

    Preventing fat from depositing on the duct walls. Clearing grease loads from exhaust air

  • Capacity:

    7,000 l/s

  • Dimensions, HxWxD (cm):



In both centers, the food courts host several types of cuisines that release high concentrations of grease in their exhaust air, such as hamburger and Asian restaurants. The grease causes serious risk of fire in the duct system and emissions disturbing odors in the surrounding neighborhood since it tends to stick to the duct walls in the ventilation system if not treated continuously 

Besides a sustainable solution for treating fatty compounds, aligned with the company’s environmental goals, Ingka Centres also required a single air treatment unit to manage exhaust air from several restaurants.

Birsta city shopping center in Sundsvall, Sweden

Birsta city shopping center in Sundsvall, Sweden


In order to treat the high grease loads from the food courtswe delivered an Ozonetech RENA 80 ozone system to each shopping centerSafety was also important for Ingka Centers, so they ordered solutions equipped with our online monitoring and control system, O3Eye™, which was also integrated to their internal property management systems. 


The Ozonetech RENA 80 ozone systems, with a capacity of 7,000 l/s, are currently treating exhaust air from multiple restaurants at the same time, preventing fat from depositing on the duct walls. What has previously been a serious challenge for the property owner is now handled efficiently, sustainably and safely. Our O3Eye™ control system is continuously online and monitored by our technicians to prevent malfunctioning.