Only the best air treatment is good enough for Oscar Properties

Treating the kitchen exhaust air from Broms bistro

In the exclusive area around Karlaplan in Stockholm, most properties were built in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Here, Oscar Properties bought a property with the intention to upgrade it to luxury standards. The restaurant on the street level would become a bistro, open from early morning to late evening. We were contacted to treat the kitchen exhaust, to minimize grease build up in the kitchen ducts, remove odors and make energy recovery possible.


  • Name:


  • Location:

    Karlaplan, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Industry:


  • Purpose:

    Treating kitchen exhaust


  • Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions

  • Dimensions (HxWxD):

    970 x 750 x 265 mm

  • Input power:

    1.5 kW

  • Noise level:

    49 dB

Broms restaurant and food

Broms serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with the finest organic and locally produced ingredients.

The problem

The property had previously served as an office building and was now renovated into residential apartments hosting a Bistro on the ground level. Oscar Properties needed a system to treat the kitchen exhaust air minimizing grease and odors emission. They also looked for a solution that would go along with their sustainability profile.

Broms bistro and bakery

The bakery bakes sourdough bread and other goods from 3 AM.

The solution

Oscar Properties considered different options for this problem and eventually decided that an Ozonetech ozone system would meet their requirements. A RENA Kitchen Solutions was installed to treat the kitchen exhaust air, reducing grease and odor emissions and simultaneously the increasing fire safety.

Rena kitchen solution and a kitchen hood

The kitchen hood sucks in the greasy and hot air from the cooking. The air is then continuously treated inside the ducts with ozone.


The ozone treatment of the air from cooking surfaces and deep fryers worked well. However, it turned out that the renovation of the property was not entirely successful. The surrounding properties were disturbed by the smell and the residents with windows facing the courtyard complained loudly. The inspection carried out showed that the air from the kitchen was released via a valve between the first and second floor, which did not meet the law’s requirements.

The tenant-owner association, together with Oscar Properties, addressed the problem, and the release of the kitchen exhaust was moved to the roof of the property.

The complaints from the neighboring houses ceased, the tenant-owner association was satisfied with the outcome, and the bistro was happy the kitchen exhaust air no longer caused irritation.

The ozone treatment is nothing we think about. It just works.

– Anna Bauer, CEO of Broms

Broms VD Anna Bauer

CEO Anna Bauer.