Mellifiq supplies disinfection solution for drinking water plant in Nigeria

Mellifiq ensures fresh drinking water facility for offshore platform staff residential area

Being one of the largest industries in Nigeria, the petroleum industry requires high standards for their staff and decentralized water supply for the land-based communities. De-centralized water supply and water treatment is essential in a country where water is limited.

Mellifiq, with a global reputation for delivering only the highest standard drinking water equipment, was tasked with supplying a disinfection solution for the offshore residential community drinking water plant. Complete ozonation systems were shipped to the coast of Nigeria and have been operating since 2018. 


  • Name:

    Petroleum producer

  • Location:


  • Challenge:

    Drinking water treatment

  • Market:

    Drinking water plant

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    Turn-key ozone systems

  • Performance:

    De-centralized drinking water facility for off-shore staff accommodation

  • Capacity:

    10 m3/h

  • Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm):