Stena Recycling orders Mellifiq activated carbon to measure gas levels

Mellifiq filtration media assists in the process of recycling refrigerators

Stena Recycling is a company with a long history in Sweden, having been founded in 1939. Today, the company has over 1,600 employees and operates over 90 waste recycling plants in the whole country. 

The Stena Recycling plant in Halmstad uses activated carbon in an equalization filter, in order to measure gas levels in the recycling process.  This is a step in the process of recycling refrigerators.  

They have recently ordered a significant amount of Mellifiq activated carbon. Despite the order being placed with short notice, we were able to quickly initiate procedures for delivering the filtering material gradually during the next 12 months, to the satisfaction of our client.  


  • Name:

    Stena Recycling AB

  • Location:


  • Challenge:

    Carbon for gas measurements

  • Industry:

    Waste Management

  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    Activated carbon