The Östermalms Saluhall reopened with Mellifiq treating kitchen exhaust air

Mellifiq contributes to Stockholm’s Vision 2030 for a sustainable future

The Östermalms Saluhall opened in 1888 and is the most iconic food market in Stockholm. There are 17 traders running different businesses in the hall, many of which have been active for generations. International attention is nothing unusual for the Östermalms Saluhall – it is found in most guidebooks about Stockholm and attracts many tourists every year.

The beautiful brick building on Östermalmstorg was recently renovated during the course of four years and reopened in March 2020. Part of this renovation included the installation of our kitchen exhaust air treatment solutions for all five restaurant kitchens in “The Hall”.

Our delivery included two Ozonetech RENA 100 and two Ozonetech RENA 80 (both part of the Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions), to minimize odors and the risk of fire while maximizing energy recovery.

As of now, the hall has become one of the world’s premier venues for food and dining experiences thanks, in part, to Mellifiq high-class air treatment solutions. Through this project, we take part in the city’s Vision 2030 for a world-class Stockholm.


  • Name:

    Östermalms Saluhall

  • Location:

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Challenge:

    Odor control and energy recovery optimization

  • Market:


  • Project value (USD):



  • Mellifiq delivery:

    4 x Ozonetech RENA – Kitchen solutions:

  • 2 x Ozonetech RENA 80

  • 2 x Ozonetech RENA 100

  • Performance:

    Efficient odor control, lower carbon footprint and Vision 2030 compatibility

  • Capacity:

  • RENA 80:

    10,600 m3/h

  • RENA 100:

    25,200 m3/h

  • Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm):

    97 x 75 x 26.5