Vision & mission

Our vision

A world where air and water is purified efficiently, and with minimal environmental impact

Day by day, our global installations bring the world closer to our vision. In the future, we will contribute even more when the requirements on efficient purification sharpens.

But our vision goes beyond efficient purification. The cleaning methods themselves must be green and sustainable and have only a marginal impact on the environment. Raw materials, manufacturing, transports, handling, use, waste and residues – our vision of minimal environmental impact encompasses all.

It seems reasonable for a purification method to relieve the environment more than it burdens it.

Our mission

Redefining Purity – Raising the bar for the concept of clean

Humanity faces many challenges. Among them consume less energy, less non-renewable resources, recycle more, pollute less and when possible switch to renewable resources.

Our ozone-based purification solutions meet these demands. Ozone treatment is energy efficient, keeps pollution close to zero and uses ambient air as raw material.

So we raised the ambition. We want to help tighten the requirements for the concept of “clean”. The market must be aware of what is called clean today will not suffice tomorrow.

Work on international standards for purification has the same ambition for a very good reason. When purification methods reach a higher degree of purification the environmental burden will decrease.

To change the perception of “clean” is important and worth the effort. Join us.

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