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Aurora AX-series

UV-C-adsorption systems for air treatment and emissions management

Mellifiq manufactures and develops advanced UV based air treatment systems for any application or emission challenge. Our Saniray Aurora series of complete UV systems provide high UV dose and carefully designed reactors and high quality lamps to ensure evenly distributed irradiance at a wide range of flows and contaminant loads. The Aurora AX-series adds even more sophistication by integrating an active media feature, in order to not only effectively degrade problematic substances, but also ensure zero emission limits with adsorption or catalytic reactions.

For low to moderate flows, optimal for a broad range of applications including pump stations, recycling plants or industrial emissions, the Aurora A-series provides high efficiency with a low footprint to handle at least 3,000 m3/h. The systems are designed for modular expansion and high capacity flexibility.

Saniray Aurora AX-series design

We have designed the Aurora AX-series in order to achieve small footprint, easy transportation and positioning on a EUR pallet, and simple lamp configuration and replacement. The integrated active carbon or catalytic media can be replaced swiftly without external resoruces through its retractable cassettes. The principles are unison with the successful Nodora ADS and CAT systems developed by Mellifiq. Connections are positioned on the top side of each unit with convenient sleeve couplings. Upon request, Mellifiq can also provide tailored cover plates with other types of connections such as flanges. Each unit can accommodate up to three low pressure UV-C lamps with a life time of at least 8,000 hours. Lamps are conveniently mounted and replaced thorugh single three-lamp modules, which allows for a configuration between 1-3 lamps.

All Saniray Aurora systems are delivered with a control unit for operational status and power distribution with required ballasts.

Typical application areas where the Aurora A-series may be incorporated may include odor control and VOC removal in the biogas industry or municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Aurora A unit, designed to efficiently fit on an EU pallet


Aurora AX-series performance A1X A2X A3X Downloads
Nominal wall dose¹ 8 14 18 Datasheet
Nominal average dose¹ 31 55 74
Power consumption, W 820 1,640 2,460
Weight, kg 245 245 245
Dimensions WxDxH, mm 1,160 x 760 x 2,070

¹3600m³/h at wall UV dose (fluence) (mJ/cm²)

Our complete range of UV systems from our Saniray Aurora and Zeeron lines can be found at our UV system download section.

UV-adsorption operational principles

The operational design the Aurora AX-series is based on maximizing the irradiance distribution and hydraulic retention time in order to optimize the UV dose and adding polishing to eliminate any residuals or to achieve complete pollutant removal. For this reason, Mellifiq can offer the market’s highest dose per footprint ratio with flows exceeding 3,000 m3/h per units, depending on contaminant concentration.

Highly efficient UV-C treatment can applied both in the 254 nm range and if increased contaminant degradation rates are required, the Aurora UV-C systems can be delivered with bi-chromatic lamps at 185 and 254 nm to generate an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). Such deliveries can be done by combining our Ozonetech RENA Pro turn-key ozone systems, suitable for high concentrations and for pollutants with stable molecular structures.

If required, the AOP can be enhanced by combining the AX-series with ozonation to form radicals at 254 nm as illustrated below.

Illustrating the process of advanced UV treatment

Achieving Advanced Oxidation (AOP) with active polishing

We have developed the AX-series of the Saniray Aurora line with one specific purpose – to condense the power of AOP with downstream adsorption polishing in one single system for complete pollutant elimination. The AX-series mimics the large scale treatment processes regularly designed and delivered by Mellifiq, but in an unprecedented compact design, ideal for customers with small to medium flow ranges but with elevated contamination levels.

Such situations normally requires advanced engineering to achieve both the strong oxidative power of UV AOP and the polishing step to combat new legislation for air emissions. The flexible design and configuration allow Mellifiq specialists to adapt to the client needs with very high resolution, by adapting both UV dose and lamp types to target specific compounds.


Illustrating pollution treatment with Saniray AOP and carbon

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