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Ozone destructors

Compact and efficient ozone destructors

Ozone is a very powerful and highly reactive molecule that can oxidize most metals and organic substances. While it is very useful in many air and water treatment applications, high concentrations of ozone may still be present after the treatment and must be destructed.

Ozone destructors

All ozone destructors are complete with catalytic materials and quick coupling.

Our ozone destructors rapidly convert ozone into oxygen, without emitting carbon dioxide or toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.

Ozonetech catalytic ozone destructors are made of stainless steel and guarantee a maximum of 0.1 ppm ozone off-gas, regardless of the ingoing ozone concentration.

Each ozone destructor is delivered complete with fittings, connections and catalytic material.

We also offer custom-made ozone destructors for gas flow ranges outside our standard catalytic ozone destructors.

If you are interested in our complete solutions for treating larger ozone flow rates, please read more about our Contra ozone destruction solutions.

Model Capacity Recommended ozone generator PDF
Ozone Destructor OD-100 15 l/min ICT-series Datasheet
Ozone Destructor OD-200 30 l/min ICT-series
Ozone Destructor OD-400 65 l/min ICT/DCT-series
Ozone Destructor OD-1000 150 l/min ICT/DCT-series
Ozone Destructor OD-5000 830 l/min ICT/DCT-series