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FlexKarb-S 10-100

Efficient multimedia filtration system for particle removal

The Water Maid FlexKarb-S is the particle filtration family member of Mellifiq’s FlexKarb line of systems and products. Offering unmatched efficiency and reliability for suspended solids separation for drinking water, wastewater and utility water reuse , this advanced system redefines water purification, seamlessly adapting to various industrial and municipal water applications.

The FlexKarb-S filtration systems are engineered for a wide spectrum of flows, minimizing pressure drops while maximizing the utilization of the media bed. The system works for small to medium water flows, and comes delivered with integrated PLC enabling features such as automatic back-washing, automatic valves, and pipes to accommodate plug-and play functionality.

Water Maid FlexKarb-S 10-100

The Water Maid FlexKarb-S are turn-key systems possessing pressure filter vessels with various filter media of sand, plain or catalytically coated. They can be used in all types of industrial and municipal water applications.

The Water Maid FlexKarb-S, both standard and tailored water filtration systems, are optimized for small and medium scale water applications with flow rates between 10 to 100 m3/h per filter, up to 7 bars pressure. They are the ultimate solution for a large-scale pre-treatment of source water where high levels of suspended solids are present. Normally, sand filtration is the best initial particle removal stage and can be combined with other means of particle management systems such as sedimentation or membrane filtration. A wide range of media types are available depending on the particle size and type.

Our units are commonly used in bottling plants, wastewater treatment plants, drinking water plants and for industrial effluent zero liquid discharge applications.

Mobile system for treating PFAS in remote areas consisting of advanced oxidation, particle filtration and adsorption
Technical specifications
Type Flow rate¹ nominal (m³/h) Design pressure (bar) Weight² in operation app. (kg)
10 12 6.2 3,050 Datasheet
12 14 7.0 3,700 Datasheet
14 17 6.8 4,350 Datasheet
17 20 6.0 5,250 Datasheet
20 24 5.2




25 30 4.3




30 35 4.0




35 40 3.5




40 50 5.5




50 60 4.5




60 75 4.0




75 90 3.4




100 120 4.0





¹Nominal filtration velocity: 18 m/h for particle sizes up to 10 um. Depending on application, the flow rate can be higher or lower.

²Total filter weight with pipe system, filling [1.5 kg/litre] and water. All weights are approximate and dependent on design, pressure and type of filling.

How does it work?

Our FlexKarb-S systems are units specifically developed for particle separation, either as stand-alone systems or as part of a complete process design, where particle removal serves as a protective shield to make the downstream process more effective and efficient. In the pre-treatment step, pressurized fluid flows downstream through the multimedia filter that restrains contaminants. Solids accumulate in the media bed, normally made of sand of varying grain size, through physical filtration and the purified water effluent can safely be directed to the drain or other treatment processes. The FlexKarb-S systems should normally be used with integrated and controlled backwashing sequences, either set to fixed time intervals or based on pressure differentials over each unit.

Each unit may consist of a mix of varying media particle sizes depending on the suspended solids in the feed process flow, and is always equipped with a supporting layer of gravel to stabilize the bed homogeneity.

Watch the video below to find out how our Water Maid FlexKarb-C system operated in tandem with ozonation and FlexKarb-C polishing, where our particle removal step plays an important part in securing zero sludge residues in the process.

Showcasing the filtration and particle removal process in a FlexKarb-S tank

Treating Micropollutants at the Municipality of Malung-Sälen

Containerized systems for smooth implementation

In line with offering our client’s fastest possible service and operation, Mellifiq frequently delievers containerized systems with all vital functions for plug-and-play installation. This usually covers  particle separation, followed by polishing including dissolved organics, metals and and ammonia. Containerized systems are also delivered with suitably sized external hydraulic connections to manage both process feed water and backwash drain.

When required, integrated booster pumping is also installed to ensure sustained capacity and flows.

Weather proof housing or building erection

Depending on the local conditions and customer preferences, containerized systems are constructed to withstand the forces of nature, whether it be corrosion, cold or heat. Therefore, Mellifiq ensures that all plug-and-play systems are equipped with sufficient HVAC systems to conform with local regulations and protect installed equipment.

Plug-and-play containerized systems delivered to costumer sites including FlexKarb-S and FlexKarb-C systems
Mellifiq offers plug-and-play containerized systems, delivered to customer sites with both particle removal with FlexKarb-S and dissolved organics removal with FlexKarb-C, complete with automation, MCC and backwashing capabilities.

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