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If you are looking for the best choice of effective industrial water filtration, then Water Maid should be your firsthand choice.
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Water Maid offers a complete range of the most efficient and sustainable industrial multimedia filtration systems and solutions for pre- and post-treatment of feed and process water.

Water Maid Systems.

Benefits that make Water Maid the go to choice.

Water Maid offers the ultimate line of water filtration systems, considering current and coming industry standards and regulations, our customers manufacturing process, the need of maintenance and resources and their environmental goals.

  • Premium quality spare parts and components.
  • The most compact filter solutions, compared to other competitive media solutions.
  • Increased lifetime and overall performance.

Water Maid Products & Accessories.

Water Maid’s world leading expertise.

Water Maid’s world leading expertise and integration competency provides carefully engineered complete filtration systems for complex water treatment challenges.