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Efficient decolorization and COD removal for the largest landfill in Bali, Indonesia

Water treatment .
Leachate treatment
Landfill in Bali
Waste management
Project value (USD)


Mellifiq delivers complete oxidation system, along with prefiltration, integrated pH control and automation

For this project, we were approached by an Indonesian delegation who asked us to design and deliver a part of a large government-initiated water treatment system for the largest landfill in Bali, Indonesia.

Since environmental restrictions were becoming increasingly stricter, they were looking for a reliable partner with solid treatment solutions.

The solution.

Mellifiq worked tightly with the local authorities in order to engineer a working treatment solution for the leachate. The solution was meant to reduce the COD as well as decolour the water.

We at Mellifiq delivered a complete oxidation system coupled with prefiltration, integrated pH control and automation to ensure maximum system efficiency. The whole project, from the initial discussions to the commissioning on-site in Bali, was executed in only four months.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonation, filter system, pH control solution
85% COD reduction and 90% decolorization
10 m3/hr
Solution dimensions, HxWxD (cm)