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Tailored wastewater treatment projects

Efficient treatment of process water starts with a pilot project

Project execution – start to finish

Industrial process water treatment is a complex task. Process wastewater has unique characteristics which require special consideration in order to comply with environmental regulations or company policies. Ozonetech realizes that treatment of all wastewater streams need a tailored solution. We offer full-scale treatment systems based on pilot scale projects using our in-house experience and pilot facility.

Feasibility study

In close collaboration with the client, Ozonetech’s engineers evaluate the feasibility for a full-scale system based on vital wastewater parameters such as chemical and biological oxygen demand, particles and type of constituents. If the full-scale treatment demand is considered achievable, the pilot project continues.

Pilot scale treatment

Based on the most suitable pre-treatment and system parameters, pilot runs with wastewater sampling in our pilot system are conducted. Samples are sent to an accredited lab for analysis of relevant parameters.

Offer for full-scale system

Based on the findings and assessments made in the pilot project report, we will provide the client with a design and offer for a full scale system with performance guarantees pertaining to the treatment requirements of the pilot system.


A pre-treatment is performed to find the best system parameters such as suitable pH, foaming control and, if required, pre-filtering in our lab facility. At this stage, best available technology (BAT) principles are applied. While ozone is the foundation of our solutions, we employ advanced technologies such as Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), UV and activated carbon as required.


After analysis of relevant parameters of the wastewater samples during treatment, client receives a professional report containing a description of the applied technology, methodology, overall treatment results, kinetics and other vital findings. These results are the basis for a full-scale treatment system.

Pharmaceutical industry

Due their complex molecular structure, pharmaceutical residues are becoming a growing problem in biological treatment plants. Ozone treatment is a proven technology to remove these micro pollutantsdirectly at the production facility, hospitals or municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Examples of active pharmaceutical substances that can be treated with ozone: paracetamol, codein, propofol, diclofenac.

Process industry wastewater

Whether industrial process water from the oil industry, chemical production, recycling or the textile industry, wastewater typically contain compounds which are difficult and expensive to handle in order to comply with environmental regulations. Our technology provides a cost effective solution.

Examples of substances that can be treated with ozone: amines, alcohols, aldehydes, oil, BOD, COD, TOC

Food & beverage production

Food and beverage production often leaves waste process water with elevated levels of chemical and biological oxygen demand from organic material and chemical use. Ozone technology helps reduce the wastewater load. Ozonetech pilot projects will help determine the most suitable full-scale system and capacity to achieve treatment goals.

Examples of required parameters: BOD, COD, TOC, color, turbidity