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Rooms and premises 

Our high-class ozone generators take care of any room odors

Ozone treatment is an effective way to freshen up rooms by removing odor from mold, tobacco, sweat, garbage and food debris.

Ozone can handle odors in any room, for example, in conference rooms, offices, meeting rooms, residences, association rooms and changing rooms. It is also excellent for treating large premises such as theaters, cinemas, concert venues and gyms. In rooms larger than 50 sqm additional devices should be used.

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Ozone purification with ACT-3000

How much ozone is needed and for how long ozone should be produced, depend on the room volume and the size of the odor problem. The treatment time can vary from one hour to over 10 hours. In larger premises, several ozone generators may be needed, or an ACT-5000 which has a higher ozone production capacity. Spaces such as garbage rooms with constant odors, treatment can be carried out around the clock.

ACT-3000 is developed and manufactured in Sweden by Ozonetech. Our large custom-made system solutions for air and water purification are found worldwide in industries, wastewater treatment plants, yeast factories, pharmaceutical industries, breweries, greenhouses and shopping centers. We are fast growing and multiple award-winning.


An ACT-3000 ozone generator from Mellifiq.

Easy installation and operation

1. Position the ACT-3000 in the room, preferably higher (in an elevated location)
2. Close doors and windows
3. Connect ACT-3000 to electricity
4. Choose ozone production 1-100%
5. Leave the room and close the door
6. You decide for yourself how long the treatment will last
7. When you want to end the treatment, enter the room and turn off the ozone generator. Open the window to extract any excess ozone faster. Step out of the room and close the door to let the rest of the ozone oxidize
8. Tip: It is convenient to control the treatment using a plug-mounted timer