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Kitchen exhaust

A wide range of kitchen exhaust applications

Restaurants and commercial kitchens equipped with a fryer, grill, wok or griddle demand a highly functional air treatment system. The kitchen should be fireproof, as well as efficient from a purification and cost perspective.

A high cleaning capacity is required to eliminate grease and cooking odors in the extract air. Our experience shows that greasy air flows need a high-performance Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions system to meet the task. These systems have previously only been available to the industrial market, but we are now able to offer their unique advantages to all restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Treating exhaust air from commercial kitchens has many advantages, such as: significantly lowering the risk of fire, minimizing odor problems, optimizing heat recovery, reducing the total cost of ownership and lowering the kitchen’s environmental impact.

Poorly purified exhaust air from restaurants and commercial kitchens often causes odor problems that affect neighbors. This can lead to warnings from authorities and even shutdown of the entire business if the problem is not addressed immediately. Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions ensure that this type of odor problems is completely eliminated.

In addition to the obvious benefits of cleaning the exhaust air from kitchens and restaurants, industry standards and recommendations are essential to consider in order to achieve a safer and more pleasant work environment. Ozonetech solutions are fully compliant with the latest EU standards for ventilation in commercial kitchens.

Mellifiq offers a wide range of sustainable and efficient solutions for commercial kitchens with high treatment capacity for large airflows and demanding grease loads in the exhaust air. Our solutions support one or multiple hoods and air-handling units (AHU) with low operational costs and maintenance.