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Ozone technology

Effective methods of ozone generation

Ozonetech Systems unique generator technology is patented and based on the use corona discharge and ceramic plates. Each generating element consists of two parallel ceramic plates, 100 mm x 150 mm, that contains the corona discharge.

In the ICT and DCT series each generating element is water cooled and generates between 20 – 40 g/h depending on type of cooling system. Feed gas pressure is normally between 1 – 3 bar.

An ozone compound.

The benefits of the technology are:

  • Ultra-compact design and low weight
  • High output pressure
  • High concentration
  • Low oxygen and energy consumption
  • Low noise level

In addition to the practical features of size and weight that enables easy integration and mobility, concentration and output pressure of the ozone gas are crucial parameters that are often not fully valued.

Both pressure and concentration are directly related to the amount of ozone that is possible to dissolve in water which in turn is directly related to the potency of the ozone as an oxidizing substance.

By doubling the concentration of ozone the maximum level of dissolved ozone roughly doubles as well. As an example a 40 g/h generator with a concentration of 6 wt% can often be replaced by a 20 g/h with 12 wt% generator. The same relation is valid for the pressure.

An efficient high concentration generator also consumes less oxygen and energy compared to a low concentration. All in all it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate above mention factors when establishing capital and operating costs and make the best generator choice.

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