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If you are looking for the most comprehensive UV system on the market, then Saniray should be your firsthand choice.
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Saniray provides world leading expertise and integration competency through carefully engineered complete UV systems for complex air and water treatment challenges.

Saniray System.

Benefits that makes Saniray the go to choice.

Today’s environmental challenges require complex solutions. UV systems can play an important role in meeting tougher restrictions, especially in combination with other technologies.

  • Provides the necessary know-how in order for our clients to be successful many years after installation.
  • Premium quality spare parts and components to maximize life-time and stability.
  • Our systems are tailored for implementation in both air and water treatment applications.

Saniray Products & Accessories.

A complete and advanced range of UV systems.

Saniray offers a complete range of advanced UV systems and reactors for treatment of both water and air, for numerous applications including disinfection, micropollutants, water reuse and Advanced Oxidation Process