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Three different models of RENA Pro
RENA Pro ozone systems

Industrial air treatment with our premium ozone system

The RENA Pro series is Ozonetech’s premium ozone systems for air treatment, specifically for industrial use with a true plug-and-play concept. The RENA Pro ozone system can be used in a wide range of applications, spanning from highly efficient H2S removal in industrial plants, to VOC and odor removal, and other types of exhaust gas streams treatment. The ozone system includes high-performance industrial ozone generation, built-in safety features, complete with control cabinet, piping; all packed and mounted on a compact, easy-to-transport skid construction.

To make the selection process easy, we have standardized our RENA Pro systems in three standard models to cover almost any need for most customer categories and problem statement.

Packaged operational flexibility and simplicity

All RENA Pro models follow the same fundamental guideline: minimum customer interference along with stable operation. All systems are delivered with integrated gas preparation and oxygen generation, high performance ozone generators, local controls with MODBUS TCP for external communication and data collection, integrated ambient ozone safety sensors and quick couplings for cooling liquid. All models are constructed to be easily repositioned on-site thanks to the construction base which is designed to fit a ½ EUR pallet, one whole EUR pallet or 1½ EUR pallet, depending on if it is an A-, B- and C-series system. Ozone gas connections are conveniently positioned on each system to allow for simple connection of Teflon hosing which accommodate for ozone injection into exhaust ducts up to 50 m away. This allows for maximum flexibility with respect to the positioning of each system.

Typical applications of the RENA Pro systems include biogas plants, food & beverage facilities, industrial air exhaust treatment for VOC reduction, and wastewater treatment plants to combat hydrogen sulfide. Furthermore, RENA Pro systems are frequently used in combination with other Mellifiq brand systems such as horizontal packed bed scrubber systems (Nodora AirMist), modularized air filtration units (Nodora ADS and CAT), and our Saniray Aurora UV systems for advanced oxidation process for recalcitrant VOC compounds.

Three RENA Pro models

Performance and features of Ozonetech RENA Pro A-E series

Further information and descriptions can be found in our Ozontech RENA Pro ozone systems print material. For more Ozonetech brochures and related downloads, visit our Downloads section.

* refers to maximum performance and maximum input power requirement within the control range for each specific model without closed cooling system

Feature A-series B-series C-series E-series
High-efficiency ozone generator utilizing HELS™-technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oxygen supply Integrated oxygen generator Integrated oxygen generator Integrated oxygen generator Oxygen concentrator with stand-alone compressed air supply
Ambient ozone safety sensor Up to four sensors (optional) Up to four sensors (optional) Up to four sensors (optional) Up to four sensors (optional)
Automation Local control unit Local control unit Local control unit Local control unit with 7″ touch panel
Output control range (%) 0-100 10-100 10-100 10-100
PID controller No No Yes Yes
Closed cooling system Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 1720x800x600 1720x800x600 1720x750x600 1860x1600x1200
Nominal performance, maximum* 2.5 NL/min @ 160 g/Nm3 10 NL/min @ 130 g/Nm3 20 NL/min @ 130 g/Nm3 80 NL/min @ 130 g/Nm3
Input power, max (kW)* 1 2.1 4.2 15

RENA Pro A-series

The A-series is the most compact standard model, suitable for low to moderate needs for odor control, typically serving air flows up to 1,000-2,000 Nm3/h. It is a perfect choice for odor control and hydrogen sulfide removal in pump stations, for mold prevention in food storage facilities or for air disinfection. It is delivered as a complete unit with low cooling needs of less than 0.25 kW during operation.

Rena Pro A - the standard model

RENA Pro B-series

The B-series is suitable for moderate to high treatment needs, typically serving air flows up to 3,000-5,000 Nm3/h. It is manufactured with the possibility for performance upgrades in three stages. The B-series is suitable for tough odor problems and is beneficial for managing VOC emissions in combination with our Nodora ADS air treatment units.

For many high-concentration VOC exhaust streams, it is a key piece in degrading complex organics in combination with our Saniray Aurora low pressure UV systems. Typical applications include hydrogen sulfide elimination, industrial exhaust emissions mitigation and high intensity odor control. For medium sized biogas plants, this series is suitable for H2S elimination while not providing excess oxygen in the methane gas upgrading process.

Rena pro B - used for higher treatment needs

RENA Pro C-series

While our RENA Pro A-, B-series provide excellent performance for many applications in various industries and facilities, the C-series offers superior capacity and added features, boasting an impressive comprehensive automation module and PID controller for specific ambient ozone levels targets with our SteriMaid feature. The system is configured in a highly modularized manner, where a capacity upgrade is possible in seven stages. This makes the RENA Pro system ideal for situations where plant expansion and future capacity upgrades are planned.

The large capacity range and the advanced automation features of the RENA Pro C-series opens up for a vast array of possibilities and applications. The normal applicable air flow range extends beyond our more compact A- and B-series models at up to 25,000 Nm3/h. For high concentration VOC exhaust streams, a dual or triple technology design may be recommended including a combination with our Nodora AirMist or Nodora X3000-5000 systems. Typical applications are hydrogen sulfide removal at large pump stations, industrial VOC exhaust streams in the automotive industry and coating factories, or odor control at wastewater treatment plants exceeding 50 000 pe. It may also be used as biogas substrate enhancement unit or for large scale methane upgrading plants along with Nodora CAT regenerative catalytic processes.

Rena Pro C - superior capacity and added features

RENA Pro E-series

Simply put. Our Ozonetech RENA Pro E-series provides outstanding capacity and will accommodate every need for the most extreme and challenging situations. With ozone capacities exceeding 10 ppm and active ozone levels up to 50,000 m3/hr of exhaust air or gas streams, it can supply supreme performance for even the most complex air treatment challenges. It is the obvious choice for mega automobile production plants which can observe high VOC loadings with air exhaust flows up to 100,000 m3/h. It is also highly suitable for waste recycling plants or pulp and paper odor control. These systems are equipped with the latest high performance ozone generators, conveniently coupled with advanced but intuitive touch panel controls for all monitoring needs and data logging.

The RENA Pro E-series is delivered with oxygen concentrators and compressed air upon demand, which ensures stable operation over time. With a compact foot print far surpassing similar systems on the market, it is the go-to system where high treatment demands are set but where space availability presents a challenge.

Rena Pro E- outstanding capacity for challenging situations

Automated on-off operation with integrated pressure switch

In some situations, it is imperative that safe use is maintained by ensuring automatic on-off operation when connected to a non-continuous exhaust gas stream. Our pressure switch controls allows for the RENA Pro systems to automatically switch off when exhaust fans are in not in operation, and vice versa. This prevents accumulation of ozone has levels inside the ventilation systems and provides an accurate balance of treatment and safety on demand.

Automatic output control through external signals

The central control unit integrated onto all RENA Pro models enables operators and plant managers to automatically control the ozone capacity through 4-20 mA signals. For some specific applications, integrated PID controllers coupled with external wifi-enabled ozone sensors make possible time-based or ozone level target based sanitation cycles.

Liquid oxygen preparation

In cases where liquid oxygen is available on site, all RENA Pro systems can utilize external oxygen supply in lieu of integrated oxygen generators or stand-alone gas preparation systems. Mellifiq supplies both high pressure compressors and oxygen systems.

Additional ambient ozone safety sensors

Normally, ozone safety sensors are mounted and integrated with local controls on all RENA Pro systems. In addition, if local health and safety principles or directed require it, up to three additional safety sensors can be connected to each system, which is common where one central ozone systems serves multiple exhaust ducting or may disseminate across an extended part of the the customer facility.

Selection guideline

We offer an indicative selection guideline based on general capacity and features to facilitate an easy process for our customers. Our dedicated engineers are always available to help select and size a proper solution based on individual needs through our contact form.

Model Typical air flow (Nm3/h)* Application examples Typical technology combination
A-series 0 – 2,000 Small pump station, surface and air sanitation, methane upgrading Nodora ADS and CAT for hydrogen sulfide removal
B-series 1,000 – 5,000 Pump stations, VOC reduction, odor control Nodora ADS, Saniray Aurora UV systems
C-series 3,000 – 15,000 Medium load VOC reduction, odor control, protein fractionation Nodora AirMist packed bed scrubber systems, Saniray Aurora UV systems, Nodora X-series advanced air filtration
E-series 10,000 – 30,000 High load VOC reduction, dissolved air or ozone flotation for COD removal, high flow odor control, pulp and paper odor control or bleaching Nodora AirMist packed bed scrubber systems, Saniray Aurora UV systems, Nodora X-series advanced air filtration

*Guideline only. Mellifiq can recommend typical sizing based on observed average loadings and can vary based on contaminant composition and general air quality parameters.

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