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Water Maid products & Accessories

Products and spareparts for Water Maid filtration systems

Like most other systems, water filtration systems can be equipped with different parts and accessories to improve performance and fine-tune functionality.

Water Maid delivers its filters and systems with wide selection of premium quality spare parts and components to maximize life-time and stability and offer you the specific features, such as automatic back-washing control, automatic valves, and pipes to accommodate plug-and play for your water treatment needs.

Find out of the various Water Maid options below.

Automatic Backwashing

Backwashing is a preventive maintenance measure to pro-long the multimedia filter usage. Over time, the multimedia in a water filtration system accumulates enough particles and contaminants to become almost clogged. Regular backwashing of the filter media is therefore crucial to maintain the system efficiency and the quality of the downstream effluent. After a backwash, the filter media is clean and ready for use again.

Showcasing automatic backwashing that is used to clean and pro-long the filtermedia usage

Automatic water control valves

Automatic vales control different conditions, such as flow, pressure, level, and so in the filtration system, and are essential for an efficient water management.

To optimize the functionality of each filter unit, conrolling and regulating the water pressure, can provide both cost-savings and avoid un-neccesary pipe and vessel maintenance.

Depending on the complexity of the system, a huge variety of valves are used to accurately control the flow of the treated water.

Automatic vales that control the condition of flow, pressure and level in the filtration system


We offer a comprehensive selection of HMI and PLC (Programable Logic Controller) and automation system with graphical interface that are customized to fit the needs of our customers and their waterworks.

HMI interface that are costumized to user needs

Water Maid filtration media

Filter media consist of materials that allow passage of raw water through them but that retains specific matters, whether physically or molecularly. The media materials are selected based on the physical characteristics, such as specific size, gravity, and particle sizes.

Our filter medias have been carefully refined and improved over the years to achieve the highest efficiency and removal rates that enables us to offer the most compact filter solutions, compared to other competitive media solutions.

All together this also results in increased lifetime and overall performance.

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Filter media

AquaFloc high speed mixer

Mellifiq offers various types of mixers and agitators used for flocculation and particles suspension as well as blending in the Water Maid AquaFloc systems. Mixers can be used in these applications to ensure stable pH control, optimize focculant mixing in wastewater and for retaining suspended flocs in certain uses for particle separation.

Mixers can be supplied as a standard part of any AquaFloc unit and can be used in reconfiguration or retrofit projects. Our fixed high speed mixers or geared mixers are stable, reliable and offer the best possible operation for your particle separation needs.

Download data sheet here.

Mixer that are used to ensure stable pH control, optimize focculant mixing in wastewater andretaining suspended flocs in certain uses for particle separation

Dosing stations

Chemical dosing stations can be used for multiple Mellifiq product lines under both our Nodora AirMist series of scrubbers or for Water Maid AquaFloc and FlexKarb-S systems. Dosing stations are used to actively regulate pH levels, add flucculants or dose disinfectants when required.

Our dosing staions are delivered turn-key with integrated PID controllers to maintain a specific dosing amount against process values or can be set to dose a certain flow. They unclude 25, 50 or 200 L chemical vessels, high pressure dosing pump (if required in pressurized systems), sensors and sensor cables. Multiple dosing stations can be connected to one central electrical panels.

Chemical dosing stations that are used to actively regulate pH levels, add flucculants or dose disinfectants when required

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