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Protein fractionators

Ozonetech fractionators for protein and particles separation

Fractionators, also known as skimmers, are essential tools in any applications where effluent water contains large organic particles. Examples of such are aquaculture, zoos and aquariums. Ozonetech offers a complete range of fractionators combined with our Ozonetech RENA Pro ozone systems, or ICT generators, to achieve optimal fractionator performance at any given situation.

Protein fractionator system

The process of fractionation filtration is both straightforward and remarkably efficient. Air, and sometimes even ozone, are introduced into the lower section of the reaction chamber through an ozone-resistant venturi injector. Concurrently, the water that requires filtration enters from the upper portion of the chamber and makes its way to the lower parts before exiting. This dynamic setup induces a significant intermingling of substances, as the water’s course intersects with that of the air.

Fractionators remove organic compounds like proteins from water by coalescence of proteins and organics with the help of ozonation where particles are small or if the system is in need of a capacity boost. Fractionators are an effective tool for separating protein (or similar) from particular types of wastewater or treatment process normally found in aquaculture or other aquatic environments.

Fractionators operate as reaction vessels with foam traps with mechanical separation, creating a clean effluent which can be recirculated in the water treatment cycle or be subjected to further treatment. Concentrated particle phase can be collected in particle filters such as Water Maid FlexKarb-S systems.

Range of Ozonetech fractionators offered by Mellifiq.

Model Flow capacity m3/h) Footprint (cm, WxD) Datasheet
OF25PE 8 61 x 91 Datasheet
OF50PE 14 81 x 112
OFF75PE 24 81 x 112
OFHF75PE 24 81 x 112
OFF150PE 52 104 x 137
OFHFF150PE 52 104 x 137
OF300PE 99 137 x 168
OFHF300PE 99 137 x 168
OFF600PE 202 175 x 198
OF600PE 202 175 x 198
OF1000PE 375 234 x 290
OF2000PE 454 234 x 290

All values nominal at 1.5 min contact time.

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