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Quality policy

Mellifiq’s quality policy

Mellifiq delivers solutions for a more sustainable society. We market high quality solutions to clean, disinfect and remove odors from air and water. As system supplier we take great responsibility for the quality of our deliveries. We work in a preventive and long-term way with quality as an integral part of our daily operations.

We shall:

Be the customers’ first choice

We should always deliver the right solutions and services to achieve or exceed the customer expectations. With satisfied customers and soultions that meet the requirements we will be the customers’ first choice.

Focus on the customer

We should be available, responsive, flexible – but also clear about how we want to meet the customer’s needs both in the short and long term.

Deliver highest quality

Our solutions should be better than our competitors. To achieve this, the quality always needs to be at the highest level and continual improvements ensures that our solutions satisfies applicable requirements.

Think commercially

The long-term confidence in our company is always more important than short-term profits.

Be innovative

We will develop better solutions than others available on the market and thereby change the market’s view of the concepts clean and cleaning.

Keep our promises

We keep our promises, and if it is not possible, we will tell the customer immediately. We deliver at the right time, or preferably before.

Have competent, motivated and responsible employees

Mellifiq should be an attractive employer and recruit the most competent and motivated employees. Employees must be qualified for the work they perform and take responsibility themselves to ensure that the company’s quality goals are reached.

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