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Pump pits 

The very best odor control for pump pits & pump stations

Pump pits and pump wells smell by natural reasons. The groundwater that is collected to later be led to the stormwater drainage is often still and will eventually smell. If the smell disturbs the surrounding, ozone can minimize the problem. The ozone is produced near the pump pit and is then fed down into the pump pit continuously.

Ozone purification with ACT-3000P

The amount of ozone needed depends on the size of the pump pit and how big the odor problem is. In pumping pits, treatment can take place around the clock to keep the odor down. ACT-3000P is easy to use and the operating cost is minimal.

ACT-3000P is developed and manufactured in Sweden by Ozonetech. Our large custom-made system solutions for air and water purification are found worldwide in industries, wastewater treatment plants, yeast factories, pharmaceutical industries, breweries, greenhouses and shopping centers. We are fast growing and multiple award-winning.

An Ozonetech ACT-3000 ozone generator from Mellifiq.

Easy installation and operation

1. Mount the ACT-3000P in the wall-mount bracket
2. Connect the membrane pump and the ozone injector
3. Insert the ozone injector into the vent pipe
4. Choose ozone production 1-100%
5. Production usually runs around the clock
6. Adjust ozone production if necessary