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Remediation in food production 

Microorganisms must be eliminated to increase the shelf-life of food

Two of the areas where ozone can be most useful are in the pre-packaging stage during the manufacturing of products such as meat and poultry and for the storage of directly harvested products such as potatoes. With ozone treatment before packaging, bacterial levels decrease dramatically and listeria and other pathogens can be controlled, which extends the shelf life of the products.

In addition to the products being treated, the equipment used in the production process can be processed simultaneously and thus increase the efficiency of the process. Ozone treatment is also safe for products that are ready to be eaten as well as for products that require continued cooking. In the storage of harvested products, such as potatoes, ozone treatment means that problems with rotten products is significantly reduced due to the ozone’s ability to remove harmful bacteria, such as erwinia, which causes rot in potatoes.

With ozone treatment, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses can be eliminated at all stages between production, storage and packaging. Ozone can be used to prevent biological coating and eliminate airborne spores, viruses and bacteria. Sanitation of bacteria and viruses can be used in several phases of food storage, for example, in warehouses, cold stores, transport vehicles and silos.

Ozone purification with ACT-3000

How much ozone is needed and for how long ozone should be produced, depends on the room volume and how much bacteria and viruses need to be cleansed. The treatment time can vary from one hour to over 10 hours. Repeat treatment is excellent if the problem is not gone. ACT-3000 is easy to use and the operating cost is minimal. In spaces with a constant risk of viruses and bacteria growth, treatment can take place around the clock.

ACT-3000 is developed and manufactured in Sweden by Ozonetech. Our large custom-made system solutions for air and water purification are found worldwide in industries, wastewater treatment plants, yeast factories, pharmaceutical industries, breweries, greenhouses and shopping centers. We are fast growing and multiple award-winning.

Easy installation and operation

1. Position the ACT-3000 in the room, preferably higher (in an elevated location)
2. Close doors and windows
3. Connect ACT-3000 to electricity
4. Choose ozone production 1-100%
5. Leave the room and close the door
6. You decide for yourself how long the treatment will last
7. When you want to end the treatment, enter the room and turn off the ozone generator. Open the window to extract any excess ozone faster. Step out of the room and close the door to let the rest of the ozone oxidize
8. Tip: It is convenient to control the treatment using a plug-mounted timer