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Zeeron UV systems for water treatment

Industrial scale and municipal UV water treatment systems

Mellifiq’s Saniray Zeeron UV system line offers a full range of UV systems for all disinfection and water treatment needs with all industry standards available in multiple configurations. The Zeeron line of systems is a vital part in Mellifiq’s process deliveries and can be used together with other brand product members including Ozonetech RENA Vivo and Tellus systems or Water Maid FlexKarb multimedia filtration systems.

Our UV systems have been successfully been implemented in the food and beverage industry, semiconductors and muncipical wastewater treatment plants to treat pharmaceutical residues as part of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP). Our complete UV catalogue can be downloaded here for a quick overview.


General specifications Saniray Zeeron UV systems

Zeeron UV system Type Typical flow range per system (m3/h)* Input power range (W) Lamp number Approvals and validation Download
A-series Low pressure 0.5-10 28-168 1 & 6 CE, ACS, WRAS Datasheet
B-series Low pressure 1-20 80-160 1-2 UL, CE Datasheet
C-series Medium pressure 1-1000 2,750-52,800 1-8 NFS61, SE Datasheet
D-series Low pressure amalgam 3-350 267-1,095 2-4 CE, ÖNORM (D1 and D2); CE, ACS, WRAS (D3) Datasheet
E-series Low pressure amalgam 10-500 880-26,400 1-30 USEPA UVDGM Datasheet

* typical flow ranges are based 20-200 mJ/cm2 average UV dose at above 90% UVT-10, please consult Mellifiq for exact sizing and dose performance

Zeeron A-series - compact units for small flow operations

The Saniray Zeeron A-series is engineered and designed to cater to a spectrum of industries, spanning from food & beverage and pharmaceuticals to healthcare, electronics,beverage production, and aquaculture.Engineered with energy-conscious UV light sources and adaptable power configurations, our Zeeron A-Seriesdelivers a compact solution with horizontally installed configurations with threaded connections for quick installation. Units are delivered with ballasts and control panel. Saniray offer unparalleled UV disinfection technology with the Zeeron A-series UV disinfection system, meticulously designed to surpass industry standards, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and efficacy in water treatment applications.

Low flow low pressure IV system for water treatment. Saniray Zeeron A-series.

Zeeron B-series - low pressure UV-C systems with flexible connection configurations

Introducing the Zeeron B-series UV disinfection system, designed to redefine water disinfection standards. Engineered by our team at Mellifiq, these reactors utilize state-of-the-art UV technology to ensure superior purification by eliminating harmful microorganisms from water sources.

The B-series units are designed to be used in a wide range of waterapplications including municipal, industrial, or commerical use. The Zeeron B-series guarantees the highest level of water purity and safety, perfect for food industry and industrial pure water applications.

Low-pressure UV ensures low power consumption and long lamp life time. Our B-series can handle flows up to 40 m3/h depending onthe applications and required UV dose.

Zeeron B- UV reactor ensure superior purification by eliminating harmful microorganisms from water sources

Zeeron C-series - powerful medium pressure UV for all water treatment needs

Saniray’s Zeeron C-series range from the Saniray UV family of products is designed for superior disinfection of in dustrialwater in applications requiring performance at low UV transmittance or requiring high doses. The environmentally friendly, chemical-free technology is fully configurable to meet individual system needs whether the application is food & beverage, pharmaceutical manufacture, healthcare, electronics, beverage production or aquaculture disinfection. Using energy efficient UV light sources and the latest variable power electronic ballasts, Saniray’s Zeeron C-series range provides cost-effective and efficient water treatment with flexible options for easy integration.

The medium pressure polychromatic lamps, combined with the variablepower option allows the operator to minimize OPEX costs while still delivering the required treatment effectiveness. The range of configurable options, from surface finishes to pipe connections allows the user to configure the product easily to their specific requirements. Where required, the highly efficient automatic wiper system can be added as an option, reducing maintenance downtime even further for applications of poor water quality.

Saniray Zeeron medium pressure UV system
Drinking water application Saniray Zeeron UV systems

Saniray Zeeron is optimal for any flow for drinking water and industrial applications.

Zeeron D-series

The Zeeron D-series UV disinfection systems is an industrial grade reactor that has been developed to meet stringent requirements for the production of drinking water. Whether disinfecting raw water or serving in pre-treatment processes, they excel in reducing the need for oxidizing biocidal agents, showcasing their versatility and efficiency. The Zeeron D-series can also be used in pre-treatment to either reduce the use of oxidizing biocidal agents.

The industrial grade reactors are designed to treat and purifywater in a wide range of applications including, drinking water as well as in food & beverage facilities. The state-of-the-art UV disinfection system, engineered for high performance and ease of maintenance. Equipped with advanced features like sampling valves, amalgam low-pressure lamps, and dedicated electronic ballasts, it ensures reliable operation.

This series allows for flexible connection configurations and is optimal for both vertical and horizontal installations. With the D-series, our delivery complies with internationally accepted ÖNORM validation,

ÖNORM approved UV system for drinking water

Zeeron E-series

Saniray’s Zeeron E-series is engineered for superior performance in low UV transmittance conditions, these systems are adaptable to various industries, including food &beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, beverageproduction, and aquaculture.

With energy-efficient UV light sources and variable poweroptions, they offer cost-effective treatment while ensuringseamless integration. Plus, customizable features and anoptional automatic wiper system streamline maintenance, making them the ideal solution for demanding water treatment needs.

Experience market leading UV disinfection technology with Saniray’s Zeeron E-series UV disinfection system, designed to exceed expectations and ensure the highest standards of water treatment efficiency and effectiveness. Choose our Zeeron E-series range when you require high flow capacities while maintaining long lamp life time with amalgam low-pressure UV lamps. The E-series offers high UV irradiance and dose with minimal power consumption per treated volume of water.

High low amalgam UV systems. Saniray Zeeron E-series.

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