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Ozone, UV and activated carbon for reducing odors at bioplastic producer

Air treatment .
Odor removal from process industry waste gas
Air treatment, odor control
Process industry
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Startup counts on Mellifiq technology combination for efficient and sustainable odor control

Our current customer is a Swedish startup operating in the field of bioplastic, with its founders having a long background in the pulp and paper industry.

By processing lignin, they convert wood byproducts into bioplastic, which can be used to manufacture environmentally friendly consumer goods. In this way, the company hopes to help phase out fossil-based materials in plastic products.

The problem.

Processing woods generates odors, due to terpenes and similar VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) being created in the process.

As the company was nearing the production phase of its products, they decided to take a proactive approach and contact us at Mellifiq in order to find a solution that would prevent any possible odor emission.

The solution.

Products: Custom-made ozone, UV and activated carbon systems

For this complex case, we made use of our broad range of products and different solutions. Our final technical solution involved various combinations of ozone, UV and activated carbons. Each combination delivered outstanding results in terms of odor removal, leaving many options open to our client.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Pilot project with engineering consultation, Ozonetech UV-C Air 515, Ozonetech ICT ozone generator, activated carbons
Complete odor removal with unique AOP with multiple technologies
3000 m3/h
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