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SteriMaid product set

Ozone sanitation solution for demanding spaces

Treating large air volumes and disinfecting spacious areas with up to a square kilometer of surface, most of it not very accessible, is not an easy task. Managing the disinfection process efficiently and consistently, in a sustainable way, both in terms of cost of operation and from an environmental point of view, is even more tricky.

How can we prevent the rapid spread of viruses and bacteria in public spaces?

Introducing Ozonetech SteriMaid™, the very first fully automated disinfection management and distribution system that meets the toughest efficiency and sustainability requirements of any standard.

Efficient air and surface disinfection:

  • Virus disinfection & bacteria removal.  Preventing the spread of virus and bacteria
  • Odor problems. Effectively removing unpleasent odors from smoke, sweat, garbage and food
  • Mold inactivation.  Surface and product decontamination from fungi and molds


High performence ozone treatment

Based on the RENA Pro™, the SteriMaid™ system include high quality components and intuitive touchpanel to control and monitor the ozone treatment in each area. Variables such as ozone concentration and treatment time is highly customizable using the integrated touchpanel.

High performance ozone system with capacity to sanitize large scale industrial buildings, fast and efficient. Automation & control on the touchpanel to easily configure a treatment cycle.

Ozone sensors are placed throughout the facility or treatment object. Concentration is measured in actual time to ensure treatment effect.

Wifi modules
WiFi modules equipped with sensors communicate with the Ozone system. Ozone production is manually or automatically regulated with PID controller to achieve a treatment cycle.


Package including ozone system, monitor and wifi module

Intuitive and user-friendly touchpanel

The operation of the SteriMaid™ is highly customizable. Various ozone concentrations and sanitation times are selectable from the HMI (Human Machine Interface). The home screen summarizes the progress of the sanitation, visualizing ozone setpoint, actual concentration and remaining sanitation time.



HMI touchscreen to measure the ozone treatment

Performance and features of SteriMaid™

Feature SteriMaid™ PDF
Ozone capacity Up to 250 g/h Datasheet
Ozone concentration Up to 240 g/Nm³
Treated volume 500 – 15 000 m³
Sanitation capacity 4-Log reduction
Wireless sensors 2 – 100
Ozonation range 0 – 10 ppm
Sanitation time 0.5 – 24 h

Automatic scheduled disinfection

Once SteriMaid™ is installed, programmed and turned on, it automatically disinfects the entire facilites conveniently on a scheduled basis without any further intervention needed. It requires minimum maintenance and the raw material; the ambient air, is totally free. This means no hassle of handling, or recurring costs, of hazardous chemicals. The disinfection can be scheduled to best suit the needs and requirements of each area, e.g. during off hours.

The SteriMaid™ system is well-suited for implementation in industrial and public spaces such as: hospitals, food & beverage facilities, breweries, dairy production, and the pharmaceutical industry.

How does SteriMaid™ work?

  • SteriMaid™ wireless sensors are installed in each area until the entire space is covered
  • Each wireless sensor keeps track of the level of ozone in the ambient air in each specific room and reports this information via existing WiFi network to the SteriMaid™ control unit, which can be installed in a separate maintenance area together with the ozone generator
  • During sanitation, the SteriMaid™ control unit operates the system to distribute the right concentration of ozone to each space via pre-installed tubes and injectors
  • The control unit summarizes the progress of the sanitation, visualizing the ozone setpoint, actual concentration and remaining sanitation time
  • SteriMaid™ will indicate when the area’s treatment session is completed, and when ozone levels have dropped back to safe levels


SteriMaid setup showcased in a floor-plan drawing

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