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Food and beverage production

It goes without saying that water and liquids like wines, juices, edible oils and sometimes also liquid chemicals are essential components of the food and drink industry. Besides being used as raw material and incorporated into recipes and the final products, water is also used in many other parts of the day-to-day operation, from cleaning other raw materials to cleaning production equipment and storage tanks.

Thanks to stringent regulations even water that originates from the municipal drinking water supply, is sometimes monitored and treated before it is used in the production process, to ensure the quality and experience standards of the final product.

Effluent water from food and beverage oftentimes needs to be treated before discharge to the public utility sewage, in order to meet set limitations.

Activated carbon, through PAC, powdered activated carbon, but also sometimes GAC, granulated activated carbon, filters, is used for treatment of sugar solutions, colour adjustment and removal of mold toxins, pesticides and other dissolved organic compounds. Active carbon is also useful for color and odor control.