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Rental solutions

Agile response team for dynamic challenges

We recognize that our clients may be faced with situations which require quick solutions to unexpected problems in their operations. Mellifiq’s response to resolve these challenges is a fleet of rental treatment solutions, both for industrial applications and the real estate sector. Our units are available for short- and long-term rental globally.

Containerized mobile water systems

Multiple technology, integrated, plug and play containerized solutions are Mellifiq response for dire needs in remote locations, where a decentralized water or air treatment plant is needed for temporary or long-term use. These containerized units are an excellent alternative following extreme weather events or unforeseen process disturbances.

Our mobile containerized systems come with a plug-and-play design, including on demand, stand-alone or combination technology, offered by our strong product brands.

Turn-key systems

Our wide offering in complete ozone systems, multimedia filtration, UV and membrane systems can be deployed for pilot treatments, test projects or proof-of-concept initiatives in many applications and industries. As a solution integrator, world-leading product provider and a complete contractor, our customers feel confident that our rental solutions are delivered ready to deploy turnkey units, allowing for quick commissioning.

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