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Reference project

Final odor treatment and energy recovery in new city center nightclub

Real estate .
Odor removal, energy recovery and increased fire safety
Restaurant L’Avventura
Stockholm city center, Sweden
Restaurant, kitchen exhaust
Minimum 80% energy recovery, 99.8% odor removal, and highly reduced risk of fire


No resident complaints, reduced energy cost and less environmental impact

L’Avventura is situated in the heart of Stockholm. The former cinema from 1927 has been rebuilt and restored by Sweden’s largest entertainment group Stureplansgruppen into a luxury establishment – a nightclub with fine-dining and two bars. The Italian restaurant strives to bring “the Italian” to a new level with the aim of capturing the essence of everything Italian. L’Avventura opened in early 2018.

The problem.

The projected kitchen exhaust air was to be led into a residential area – a courtyard where the apartment balconies are located just above the restaurant. As the exhaust location had been noticed by the residents, and being a top-class player in the Swedish entertainment business, Stureplansgruppen was determined to eliminate the risk of complaints and negative publicity.

The solution.

To handle the odor problem, Stureplansgruppen contacted Mellifiq. An Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions together with our catalytic mixed-bed filter Nodora was the perfect match for the mission. First, the Ozonetech RENA ozone system continuously removes grease from the kitchen exhaust air by injecting ozone into the kitchen duct. The treated air then passes through Nodora, eliminating odors and purifying the air. The hot, cleaned air, then passes through the combined heat exchanger and exhaust fan. Thanks to the Ozonetech RENA system and the tailored Nodora solution, the need to maintain and manually clean the heat exchanger and the exhaust fan is minimized. Finally, the purified exhaust air is discharged. Nodora is a modular system with an extremely low pressure drop (i.e. low energy consumption) given its treatment capacity. Nodora also exhibits a high ratio between cleaning capacity and footprint – making it suitable when purification requirements are high, but the space is limited.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
An Ozonetech RENA Kitchen Solutions combined with a Nodora air treatment system
Dimensions (HxWxD)
970 x 750 x 265 mm (Ozontech). 970 x 750 x 265 mm (Nodora)
Input power
1.75 kW (Ozontech)
Noise level
49 dB (Ozontech)
Pressure drop
80 Pa (Nodora)


After installation and first tryouts of the kitchen loads, the kitchen exhaust was evaluated using healthy standard human noses. The result was very satisfying, an odor-free exhaust. To confirm the perceived results, analytical measurements were conducted, processed and analyzed in terms of overall performance and odor removal efficiency. The measurements showed an odor removal of 99.8%, at an overall pressure drop of only 80 Pa. In addition, since the heat is recovered, the overall energy consumption has been reduced. Also, not to forget, due to the grease-free kitchen ducts, the risk of a duct fire is now close to zero.

RENA Kitchen Solutions

The high-performance and remote monitored Ozonetech RENA system is oxygen-fed and liquid-cooled. This is the only way to produce large quantities of concentrated ozone stable over time – which in turn is the only way to continuously and automatically remove grease from kitchen ducts with an absolute minimum of maintenance and replacement of parts.

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