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Air treatment

A wide range of industrial air treatment applications

Mellifiq solutions and systems can be used in a wide range of industrial air treatment applications where a highly efficient and environmentally friendly method is required. Our solutions and systems are based on ozone oxidation technology and significantly reduce or even completely remove grease, odors, contaminants and many other substances from the air. Our ozone solutions are also perfect for preventing biological coating and eliminating airborne viruses, bacteria, and spores.

Mellifiq applications are used in various industries to treat extensive air contamination issues and challenging odor problems e.g., in the biogas industry or pump stations. Our disinfection systems are also used to eliminate airborne pathogens and sanitize ventilation systems in buildings. We also offer applications that perfectly fit the needs throughout the entire food production process, for example the disinfection of storage areas, transportation vehicles, and during the entire production stage and after.

Our smaller ozone generators, the ACT-series, are renowned for their capacity to treat odor problems in smaller areas, such as garbage roomsgrease separators, basements, smoking lounges, warehouses, and closed spaces that are usually damp.

Read more about our industrial applications below. If you have an application not listed or if you want to hear our suggestion for your case, please contact us.