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Nodora Products & Accessories

Components & spare parts for Nodora air filtration systems

All Nodora advanced air filtration products are designed for the most efficient air flow pattern to maximize the effective use of all filter media and at the same time minimize the pressure drop.


The Nodora, high-performance air filter system is based on our unique and sustainable exchangeable and reusable cassette design.

The Nodora cassettes are in stainless steel, and specially designed for an everlasting durability. This means that the cassettes can be reused again and again and only the filter media needs to be replaced. Each cassette has 4 sets of wheels for easy and safe maintenance and for easy replacement of filter media. They are especially designed for effective air circulation and to minimize air pressure drops, without sacrificing the performance of the system.

Extra cassette sets for each system is recommended to make refilling of the filter media even easier.

Pressure drop indicator

The Nodora pressure drop indicator is used for self-contained, low-pressure measurement. The high accuracy indicator helps to ensure that there are no leaks or pressure changes that could affect the operating condition of the Nodora air filtration system.

For high flexibility and reliability of the system, the Nodora pressure indicator can easily be integrated to the system automation and alert when the Nodora system is overloaded or if the filter media is saturated and needs to be replaced.

Adjustable feet

All standard Nodora air filter units comes with adjustable feet as an option. Adjustable feet are the optimal solution for safe and precise stabilizing of the units which make local adaptation easy and facilitate maintenance and replacement of filter media.

Flow meter

To optimize the Nodora air filtration system performance or to predict how long the filter media will last, it is essential to monitor the air velocity through the system at any time. Thus, the solid air flow meters are a key component of the Nodora advanced air filtration system design. Air flow meters, provided by Mellifiq are integrated to and operated via the control system.

Weatherproof housing

All standard Nodora systems are manufactured in stainless steel which provides a weather-proof housing. However, the efficiency of the filter medium requires that the ambient conditions such as outdoor temperature, humidity, and air pressure are stable over time. The air also needs to be condensation-free, and the variation of the temperature must not be too volatile in order to create as favorable conditions as possible for the operation of the system.

Mellifiqs qualified engineers are always there to help you determine your requirements, appropriate placement, and the final selection of units or systems with the right capacity that will treat the air correctly and to provide you the best cost of ownership. Contact us for a consultation today.

Ventilation filters


Nodora air filtration systems are designed to minimize the air resistance as much as possible. High air resistance equals to higher pressure drops. Pressure drops in a ventilation system need to be compensated with greater fan power which requires more energy since the fan energy consumption is directly proportional to air flow and total pressure drop in the system. The comparable low pressure drop of Nodora allows for increased energy efficiency compared to traditional industrial air handling solutions. Nodora air filtration systems are also extremely space efficient given air flows higher than 1000 – 1500 l/s (3600 – 5400 m3/h).

Filtration media

The most effective filtration media for your Nodora systems depends obviously on the type of application and the pollutant in the treated air. For light organic compounds you’ll need a microporous granular active carbon and for acid gas, such as H₂S or mercaptans, removal you will need an enhanced impregnated activated carbon. Please read more about our the various filtration media that we offer here or ask our qualified engineers that always are there to help you determine your requirements.