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RENA Tellus – Tailored ozone systems

RENA Tellus, a turnkey, tailored and large capacity ozone treatment system

Introduction of RENA Tellus

Ozonetech introduces the RENA Tellus segment – tailored ozone treatment systems for large scale facilities. In addition to our ozone and ozone-AOP systems RENA Vivo and Vitro segments, Ozonetech custom engineers large scale ozone treatment systems.

The Tellus segment is adapted to specific needs and requirements of our clients. RENA Tellus systems are typically designed based on our industrial wastewater pilot projects, our consulting services for finding the unique treatment needs of our clients wastewater streams.

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The capacity the RENA Tellus segment covers a wide range of treatment needs, typically 1-500 m3/day with varying wastewater COD and BOD concentrations up to 1000-2000 mg/L. We also engineer our deliveries to achieve removal or reduction of other critical parameters such as turbidity, TOC and specific substances and micropollutants.

Our custom designs always include key deliverables in order to achieve treatment with highest possible efficiency. This covers high concentration oxygen supply system, compact high-performance water cooled ozone generators, ozone injection mechanisms and state-of-the-art controls for complete performance monitoring and status. We also supply custom made reaction and contact tanks for allowing proper reaction kinetics based on the characteristics of the treated wastewater streams. Any system can be designed for online measurement of dissolved ozone, pH, temperature and oxidation potential.

RENA Tellus X

The X-series of the Tellus segment characterizes our systems based on ozone as the primary means of treatment. This means that ozone is the major technology around which the systems is designed and delivers most or all of the reduction of vital measurable treatment values.

RENA Tellus Y

The Y-series is built around our unique catalytic Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). Ozone is still the foundation of this highly effective treatment method but designed on large industrial scales. RENA Tellus Y is our custom engineered systems based on our RENA Vitro segment.

Overview of features and services

The table below differentiates and highlights the main features of our Tellus segment .

RENA Tellus X- and Y-series key features.

Feature X-series Y-series
Primary treatment technology Ozone Ozone-AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)
Pollutant concentration (COD) 4000 mg/L 8000 mg/L
Reaction and buffer vessel 3-40 m3 3-20 m3
Catalytic treatment No Yes
Oxygen supply system Always Always
Process controls with Human-Machine-Interface Always Always
Pre- and post-treatment methods (if required) pH adjustment, precipitation UV, carbon filter, pH adjustment, catalytic reaction, precipitation
Foam collection system If required Yes
Connections to external SCADA Yes Yes
Ozone injection mechanism Always Always
Integrated cooling system Yes Yes
Integrated air compressors On demand On demand
High-performance ozone units Always Always