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DCT-series, our most powerful ozone generators

The DCT-series of ozone generators is built into a stainless steel cabinet. On the right side connectors for oxygen, ozone and cooling water are located and on the left side are all electrical connectors located, all quick couplings. The generator continuously reads vital system parameters and gives an alarm via the control panel if parameters are out of range. The control panel can be connected to an external computer or the internet.


  • High ozone concentration
  • Low noise level
  • Compact design allows easy build-in and system integration
  • PLC-controlled with built-in control panel
  • Fully remote control and monitoring capabilities
  • Vital parameters displayed on the panel
  • Adjustable ozone production level (0-100 %)
  • Alarm relay for critical system parameters
  • Quick couplings for all electrical connections
  • CE approved
Model Production (max) Nominal conc. Nominal flow Weight PDF
DCT-500 0.5 kg/h 215 g/Nm3 40 l/min 150 kg Datasheet
DCT-1000 1.0 kg/h 140 g/Nm3 120 l/min 150 kg
DCT-2000 2.0 kg/h 140 g/Nm3 240 l/min 300 kg
DCT-3000 3.0 kg/h 140 g/Nm3 360 l/min 450 kg
DCT-4000 4.0 kg/h 140 g/Nm3 480 l/min 600 kg
DCT-5000 5.0 kg/h 140 g/Nm3 600 l/min 750 kg

For ozone production levels over 5.0 kg/h, please contact us for more information.