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Reference project

Cyanide treatment accomplished at leading surface coating company

Air treatment .
Cyanide removal from coating electrolytes
Prominent electrolytic coating company
Stockholm, Sweden
Project value (USD)


Mellifiq advanced oxidation solution saves 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and reduces waste sludge volumes by 70%

Our customer, a prominent surface coating enterprise with a 100-year business history in Stockholm, Sweden, has been serving the automotive industry with great success. They have developed into a full-fledged coating one-stop- shop using electrolytic surface coating and are working actively against hazardous emissions including Cadmium and Lead free processes.

The problem.

Cyanides have been used extensively in the coating industry and remains a key component in surface coating electrolyte processes. However, metal-cyanide complex and subsequent breakdown of free cyanides require significant chemical use and sludge formation traditionally. Sludge must be hauled away which presents costs and frequent truck transports.

The solution.

Mellifiq worked closely with the client to design a solution which drastically lowers the chemical use, using chemical-free oxidation. In less than one year, Mellifiq consulted, designed and delivered an Ozonetech RENA Vivo C-series turn-key ozone systems, which was integrated into the current coating process, which also contains flocculation and filtration.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonetech RENA Vivo C-series, technical consulting and design
99% cyanide treatment, 90% reduction of hypochlorite
300 m³ /day
Footprint HxWxD (cm)


Performance evaluation proved near 100% removal of metal-cyanide and free cyanides without the heavy use of hypochlorite which used to be the go-to approach. The implementation of our system has saved more than 20 tonnes of carbon footprint annually, almost eliminated manual sludge handling and cut more than three truckloads of sludge hauling per week.

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