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Reference project

Eau Everest installed Mellifiq ozone solution to reach highest standards

Water treatment .
Superb bottled spring water
Eau Everest Inc.
Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec, Canada
Bottled water
Design flow
80 m3/hr
Project value (USD)


Canadian natural spring water bottling plant succeeded thanks to top-of-the-line Ozonetech turn-key ozone system

Eau Everest Inc. is a renowned water producer in East Canada, with headquarters and main production facility in Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec. In their own words, their customers are provided with “natural spring water of higher quality”. The water is taken directly from the vast landscapes of the surrounding environment. As a boutique spring water producer, their production plant managers accept nothing but top quality process equipment. The company is expanding rapidly. The company exports their products to the USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

The problem.

As Eau Everest started their rapid expansion in 2019, it became clear that the quality of their water needed to transition from excellent to superb. Bottled water must be free from any microorganisms, exhibit absolute clarity and be completely free from any chemical residues. Eau Everest was adamant to not resort to traditional methods of chemicals and needed to find a solution which fit their own high standards. Optimally such a solution must have a small footprint and be easily integrated into the current process. As the company has extended their current production line with a specific water product developed with very tightly regulated pH levels between 6.2-6.4 for domestic cats and dogs to help prevent urinary problems, the need for the best quality water became even more apparent.

The solution.

To find a solution, the company’s co-owner, Louis-Pierre Thibeau reached out to Mellifiq for consultation. A basic solution with components were initially discussed, but quickly turned into supplying a complete turn-key system including advanced automation, instrumentation with on-line dissolved ozone and pH control, all delivered as one packaged solution. The search was over. Mellifiq delivered the market’s most complete ozone system for this application, our fully equipped RENA Vivo A-series. In less than 3 months, the system was installed and commissioned on site in Quebec. The solution allowed the operators to connect their current water line directly to hydraulic connections of the RENA Vivo system and start the system in less than two hours. The system is installed prior to the filling line and allows for effective disinfection and pH control in less than one minute with carefully controlled dissolved ozone levels at 0.3 ppm.

The original flow for the filling line was 20 m3/hr, which means that our system has plenty of redundancy and can be turned-down on demand with the help our integrated PID controller for oxidation potential, a key feature for ensuring accuracy in dissolved ozone levels.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonetech RENA Vivo A-series turn-key ozone system
0.3 ppm dissolved oxone at any flow ranging from 20-80 m3/hr
Dimensions (HxWxD)
1,800 x 1,200 x 800 mm
Input power
1.2 kW
Noise level
49 dB


The provided system has been in full operation since day one without any service needs or down-time. The staff can feel with their ozonation process thanks to the safety mechanisms built into the control system with continuous monitoring of ambient ozone levels. Since installation, the has proven its stability and endurance. The automatic output controls means that Eau Everest has been able to run their bottling line at precise concentrations of ozone and will have sufficient power to provide the future second line with clear, disinfection water for the consumers.