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Reference project

Mark’s municipality cleans the water with ozone

Water treatment .
Iron and manganese reduction
Öxabäck waterworks
Marks municipality, Sweden
Municipal water treatment
260 m3/h


The iron and manganese levels were well below limit values

In Mark’s municipality, citizens receive their water from several small water sources, all with good quality of raw water. The water is purified at the municipality’s waterworks before it is pumped out into the mains to the inhabitants as drinking water.

All wastewater from the residents is taken to the municipal wastewater treatment plant where it is purified in order to be released back into nature again. Manganese is a metal found naturally in groundwater, often together with iron. Groundwater from drilled wells often contains dissolved iron and manganese. The raw water in the groundwater well in Mark’s municipality has levels of iron and manganese that exceed the Swedish Food Agency’s recommendations and are therefore purified before it is distributed to the households.

The problem.

In early 2013, the media reported that Öxabäck’s waterworks had suffered a breakdown which meant that the water could not be purified from manganese. The manganese content was too high, which discolored the water, which, however, was not dangerous for adults to drink. Children and infants, on the other hand, must not drink the water or mix it with formula.

The solution.

Mark’s Municipality contacted us for information on how ozone can be used to purify drinking water. In a short time, a smaller ozone system was installed which, at the very moment it was put into operation, began to purify the water. In connection with commissioning, we made recommendations for optimization of the total system. The plant was optimized, among other things, with regard to the amount of ozone added and the dissolving of ozone into the water.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery
Ozonetech RENA high-performance ozone system
Dimensions (HxWxD)
400 x 400 x 200 mm
Input power
1 kW
Noise level
49 dB


Ozone works great for purifying manganese from drinking water. The plant was delivered and optimized in a very short time, as the need to clean the drinking water was urgent. Resulting in a cost-efficient and more reliable water treatment system for the municipality.

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