>99,9% reduction of pharmaceutical residues

The result from active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) removal shows an outstanding >99,9% reduction of pharmaceutical residues from the municipal wastewater treatment system provided by Mellifiq. The system is installed at a municipal WWTP in Northern Europe, being one of the first project of its kind in the country. 

The treatment system was designed, manufactured, and commissioned by Mellifiq, consisting of a combination of multiple treatment technologies. The purpose is to reach maximum removal rate with minimal energy consumption in terms of removed quantities of pollutants per kWh. 

To design the optimal system, Mellifiq analyzed the wastewater composition and found traces of 35 of the 101 substances tested for. The same analysis was performed to verify the removal rate confirming only minimal traces of two substances. 

Mellifiq has once again proved to be the true pioneer in this field, with verified outstanding results and energy efficiency. We see this as another step closer our vision – a world where air and water are purified effectively, and with minimal environmental impact.