Complete plant for micropollutant tertiary treatment ready for delivery

micropollutant removal system container

Our production facility is running on high speed this time of year, with a record number signed contracts for completely integrated plants for odor control, disinfection and micropollutant removal.

As a leading player in the market for micropollutant removal, our latest client up for receiving a multiple-technology turn-key plant for this purpose was rushed to get going. Fortunately, our skilled engineering team and project sales departments quickly designed a full scale system for Sorsele Municipality, Sweden.

In just eight weeks, multiple systems from Water Maid™ and Ozonetech brands were integrated followed by intense CAD engineering, hydraulic calculations and process engineering to ensure complete pharmaceutical residues removal from the region.

Mellifiq’s plant will contribute significantly to raise the technological level and will de facto act as the wastewater treatment plant’s complete tertiary treatment process.