Mellifiq compact ozone-based technology, across the Atlantic

Several pumping stations across Ontario have been upgraded with Ozonetech RENA Pro odor control units delivered by Mellifiq, in collaboration with our contracting partner in Canada.

Our new generation ozone-based odor control units are much more compact, powerful and reliable than other treatment systems and technologies previously used by the pumping stations in question.

Traditional odor-reducing technologies, still in use all around Canada, such as wood chip beds, carbon absorption filters and chemical scrubbers, have a large footprint and a high annual cost. These technologies are challenged today by the new generation ozone-based odor control systems manufactured by Mellifiq.

The key features of our Ozonetech RENA Pro odor control unit are its operating simplicity, its compact size and lower overall annual costs. Our recurring deliveries are a testament to the solution and a strong reference for municipalities around the world that wants to solve odor issues related to their pumping stations.

Foul sulfur-based odors cannot be avoided when running a pumping station. Sulfur-consuming microbes will inevitably and continuously produce gaseous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other compounds that emit unpleasant odors. Plant owners can be required by law to mitigate the negative impact that wastewater treatment might have on the surrounding environment.