Thank you for joining Mellifiq Academy in Dubai

Thank you all for giving us the amazing opportunity of meeting and networking with all of you industry experts, and for attending our seminars on the latest trends in air and water treatment technologies.

Our well-established Mellifiq Academy was held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week with an exclusive sold-out two-day event in Downtown Dubai and was organized in conjunction with the Expo 2020 Dubai. The Mellifiq Academy event provided a deep insight into the current state of the market and advanced engineering required for meeting the challenges of tomorrow. 

Mellifiq Academy is an objective information center and a platform for transferring knowledge and knowhow about air treatment and water treatment where we share the proficiency that almost 30 years of experience has given us. The ambition with our seminars is to increase the understanding of air and water treatment technologies and explain the advantages that come with various methods and combinations. We present different purification techniques, point out aspects that are important to consider, clarify the requirements that should be set, and highlight why existing regulations and standards are important to take into account in order to succeed with a purification project. 

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