Advanced odor control project for rebuilt wastewater treatment plant

In close partnership with the local authorities, Mellifiq has delivered advanced odor control to the Dalarö wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of Haninge, Sweden. The overall retrofit project has been in the works for several years, where the detailed design has undergone several improvements in order to hammer down the best possible performance, stability and environmental compliance.

As part of the retrofit, Mellifiq has been the key stakeholder to ensure trouble-free air treatment and to eliminate odors originating from the treatment plant. We solved the problem through a meticulously configured combination of high performance ozonation and catalytic treatment to remove hydrogen sulfide and volatile organics that inevitably form in the sludge handling at the facility.

“Our latest addition to our vast installed base of odor handling systems is a testament to our design philosophy for such plants which play such an important role in society today. We thank all the parties involved in this project. We are confident that future projects will draw inspiration from this installation and others like it,” says John Lindam, commercial manager at Mellifiq.

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