Expanding Ozone Solutions in Canada’s Beverage Industry

One of our valued customers in Montreal, Quebec, has once again chosen Mellifiq as their trusted partner for their new factory. Having already used our turn-key ozone system for the past five years on their current production line, our customer has full confidence in our systems reliability and performance.

Ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent, has emerged as an excellent alternative for rinsing and disinfection for the beverage industry. Here’s why:

Enhanced Disinfection: Ozone’s effectiveness in eliminating various microorganisms ensures a high level of disinfection and maintaining perfect standards of hygiene.

Environmentally Friendly: Our ozone systems leave no harmful residues, where ozone is decomposed into oxygen after oxidation.

Improved Safety: Choosing ozone over chemical solutions enhances workplace safety by eliminating the need for transport, handling and storage of hazardous chemicals.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing initiatives!

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