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Nodora Systems

Nodora air filtration systems

Each industry has unique air quality requirements. Nodora advanced air filtration systems are designed to easily fit existing or new air treatment solutions. Nodora always ensures the highest standard of air quality in your facility, whether it is in buildings, shopping malls, industrial facilities or warehouses.

After an air treatment with Nodora filtration, clean and odorless air and/or off-gas can be released anywhere, in a building, underground in a parking garage or in an open air courtyard. This flexibility saves money and ensures less cumbersome ductwork.

We also custom-design and manufacture Nodora air filtration system for various applications after the specific requirements of our customers manufacturing process.

Introducing the Nodora ADS & CAT series

Nodora ADS

The Nodora ADS series is especially designed for adsorption processes where airborne substances, such as mercaptans, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and amines, are attracted and adhere to the solid surface of the filtration media. The filter media are carefully selected based on the requirements of each application.

Nodora ADS series can be configured in a variety of combinations. Units can be installed in parallel or in-line. The unique design of Nodora ADS minimizes pressure drop by perfect distribution of flow-through air, which also significantly prolongs the filter media life-time by up to 50% compared to similar systems available.

In many applications, a combination of pre-ozone treatment or Saniray Aurora UV-C systems and Nodora ADS filtration is recommended because of the many benefits, one being longer active lifetime of the adsorption filtration media. A multiple technology solution also enable near-zero emissions with lowest possible operational costs. Nodora ADS is delivered with a proprietary cassette based design, making filtration media change quick and reliable, without the need for external services and long operational down-time.

Nodora CAT

The Nodora CAT series is specially designed for catalytic conversion of high hydrogen sulfide concentrations and is based on the same unique characteristics of Nodora ADS. Nodora CAT’s H₂S conversion efficiency is superior to other solutions on the market and H₂S removal can complete with an additional polishing step with ozone treatment or Nodora ADS. Its robust stainless steel construction enable both outside and indoors use.

The Nodora CAT series can be configured in a variety of combinations connected in series or in parallel, depending on pressure drop or air flow capacity requirements. It can handle both continuous or intermittent flows with sustained performance. Our qualified engineers are always there to help you determine your requirements, appropriate placement, and the final selection of units or systems with the right capacity that will provide you the best cost of ownership. Contact us today.

Nodora AirKarb 700 – 4000

Mellifiq’s Nodora AirKarb series is designed to fit a wide range of industrial processes and commercial applications while keeping investment low. AirKarb is optimized for small, medium and large scale air treatment applications with airflows ranging from 200 up to 15 000 m3/hr per module.

AirKarb can be tailored for the specific operating conditions and is offered with stainless steel or glass fiber construction. Nodora AirKarb air filtration solutions meet the strongest regulatory requirements for odor reduction, VOC removal or hydrogen sulfide in any industry.

Modular design

Nodora air filtration systems are ductless, and modular in design which enables great flexibility. It also enables our engineers to tailor a solution that treats the incoming air flow and pollution load to a minimum pressure drop, since pressure drops are the major cause of higher energy costs – when the pressure is low, the fan works with less intensity, which leads to less energy.

Flexible configuration

Nodora air filtration system offers a variety of options and combinations that easily match our customers required capacity. Our systems can be configured as both standalone solutions and as part of more complex and integrated solutions, combining various air treatment technologies, such as ozone technology.

The Nodora modules are easily coupled back-to-back and side-to-side, with flexible air intake and outlet using removable side panels. The combination of a compact design and industrial grade, high-performance odor treatment enables new and unexpected options for planners, designers, and consultants.

Our system fits all industrial applications and with its extremely compact and space saving design Nodora air filtration system offer a ratio to treatment capability and cost of ownership that no other filtration system on the market can meet.

Refillable cassette-based design

Nodora system have a cassette-based design, that are refillable, and enables a more convenient exchange of filtration media than ever before in ratio to its treatment capacity and overall costs of ownership. All Nodora advanced air filtration products, components and solutions are easily scalable, serviced and maintained.

Exchangeable filtration media

Nodora advanced air filtration system enables the choice of a variety of active filtration media, and we offer a wide range of activated carbon filters perfectly suitable for each specific ventilation system and each industrial air application. Activated carbon filtration uses the contact of the air with the activated carbon to stop the volatile organic compounds from being airborne. Activated carbon is an adsorber filter that guarantees the quality of the air in the work environment and the reduction of smells generated by the VOCs.

Industrial filters

Our product developer and engineers have carefully worked together to select and specially design a complete range of industrial filters for all industrial application air filtration, odor control, and H₂S removal with the highest efficiency and lowest pressure drop.

Custom-made filter solutions

Each industry has unique air quality requirements. Over and above our off-the-shelf products, Nodora advanced air filtration develops custom-made filters for various specific application after the requirements of your manufacturing process. Our air filtration engineers will analyze your air, whether it is from the ambient or the process to custom-design and produce a air filtration system that meets your specific requirements.

With a proven track record of consistent quality standards and delivery time, our focus from initial requirement, design, production all the way to shipment and installation, is to improve the efficiency and the quality of your production process.

We custom-design air filtration solutions and turnkey installation. We also develop custom-made filters for applications like mercury, heavy metals or acid gases removal.

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