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Juice producer requiring solution to reduce BOD in wastewater for regulatory compliance

Water treatment .
Lituanian Food and Beverage Producer
Food and Beverage
Reduce BOD levels in wastewater


Mellifiq’s consulting installed a full-scale treatment system with Ozonetech RENA Vivo ozone and Water Maid FlexKarb for prefiltration and adsorption

The regulations on micropollutant emissions in industrial applications are increasing. A juice producer turnedto Mellifiq for technical consulting and product delivery of an advanced treatment system, to comply with theirupcoming regulations. Mellifiq employed a 10 ft pilot system on the customer’s site, in order to evaluate thetreatment effectiveness using different technologies. Using the results from the technical consulting, a full-scaletreatment system was implemented.

The problem.

The Lithuanian juice manufacturer is discharging industrialwater to the local sewage system. However, the site isexhibiting increased environmental regulations, havinga permitted concentration of biological oxygen demand(BOD) of 423 mg BOD7/L in the water effluent. Their current BOD-levels may reach 4 000 mg BOD7/Land, hence, exceeding the restrictions with multiplefactors.

The solution.

In order to comply with the local regulations, anadvanced water treatment system was implementedat the manufacturing site. Initially, an on-site pilot wasperformed with suggested treatment techniques, wherea part-flow was treated. The pilot system was evaluatedand used to scale the full-scale treatment system.

The full-scale treatment system consists of threemain treatment techniques to reduce the BOD in thewastewater. The pre-treatment process equipmentconsists of particle filtration using a Water MaidFlexKarb sand filter. The sand filter is used to eliminatelarger particles, which may interfere with the followingtreatment techniques.

The following treatment step consists of ozonationusing an Ozonetech RENA Vivo ozone system. Theozone system is optimized in order to efficientlydissolve ozone into the wastewater and, hence,reacting with the contaminants. Additionally, anadsorption filter is applied using a Water MaidFlexKarb filter, incorporating granulated active carbon(GAC). The GAC-filter is used to adsorb any remainingpollutants from the water.

Solution facts.
Mellifiq delivery:
An on-site pilot using a containerized system and process equipment for a full-scale treatment system consisting of a Water Maid FlexKarb sand filter, a RENA Vivo C-series ozone system, and Water Maid FlexKarb adsorption filter using specialized granulated activated carbon (GAC)
5 m³/h


Mellifiq engineers were employed on the customer’s sitefor commissioning and evaluation of the pilot treatmentsystem. The pilot treatment system was evaluatedby water sampling of incoming and outgoing water atdifferent timepoints. The water samples were sent to a3rd party accredited laboratory for analysis.

The result showed that the chosen techniqueswere effective in reducing the BOD-content, with areduction in BOD exceeding 85%. The pilot resultswere summarized in a comprehensive pilot report, anda full-scale treatment system was sized and installedbased on the pilot results.